Inconsistencies of Alberto Acosta as expressed in his The @Guardian article

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On September 4th, the British newspaper The Guardian published an article written by Aberto Acosta entitled ‘Why Ecuador’s president has failed the country over Yasuní-ITT’. In his article, Mr. Acosta pretends to hold the current Administration accountable over the end of the Yasuni-ITT initiative. This is untrue.

By proposing the Yasuni-ITT initiative to the world, the Ecuadorian government was making the largest contribution towards the fight against climate change. However, for this revolutionary initiative to be viable, the international community had to contribute at least $3.6 billion, amount which represented, at the time it was launched, close to 50 % of the revenues the country would have perceived from the exploitation of the ITT (Ishpingo, Tambococha, Tiputini). The Ecuadorian government was not asking for charity. The proposal was one that asked the international community to share in the responsibility in the fight against climate change. Ecuador was ready to give up $3.6 billion in oil revenues. The Yasuni initiative was an attempt to awaken global consciences and to generate a new reality where we would all move from discourse to action.

Without having to look for any sort of credit and just for the sake of accuracy, it was President Correa who thought of and proposed the initiative in June 2007. Today, unfortunately, we must say that the world has failed us.

In a clear example of inconsistencies, Mr. Acosta, who is now ‘outraged’ over the end of the Yasuní-ITT initiative, signed an agreement with Venezuela in 2007 for the exploitation of the Yasuní. In a television interview in the same year Mr. Acosta clearly expressed his intention to compromise all of the oil reserves of the ITT fields (please refer to numeral ‘a)’ highlighted).

It is worth noting that in the last presidential elections on February 17, 2013, Mr. Acosta only obtained 3.26 % of the popular vote.

Finally, there are many questions surrounding a commitment with the environment and with the Yasuní. What was Mr. Acosta’s contribution, financial or otherwise to the Yasuní trust? What was the contribution of the British paper The Guardian? What is the percentage of protected areas in the United Kingdom? How many communities in voluntary isolation live in Great Britain? What percentage of their resources did their government allocated to the trust fund for the Yasuni conservation?

We can proudly say that, in Ecuador, 20 % of our country is made up of national parks and natural reserves. Our Constitution protects the rights of uncontacted communities.

Some local and international media outlets, together with political opposition, who never before neither defended nor supported the Yasuní initiative, have suddenly turned into ambientalists. This clearly demonstrates that opportunism and a desire to destabilize the current Administration is the driving force guiding their efforts.


  1. Narcisa Cuenca

    Until when so much manipulation with lies!

    • Monica Narvaez

      Esto es una verguenza que tengamos que tambien ver fuera de nuestro pais la mala prensa les pedimos los Ecuatorianos que antes de publicar un articulo se dignen en verificar lo que se les esta informando no puede ser que nuestro pais y todo lo que con el esta relacionado este siendo tratado como si fueramos cualquier pais sin importancia ademas que tenemos un presidente que sabe lo que hace y que no necesita que Alberto Acosta ande hablando de lo que el propuso con 4 alternativas. Por favor se les pide que hagan noticia con verdades no con chismes de mercado y mejor no opinen sobre nuestro pais o CUANTO DINERO DIERON. USTEDES POR LA INICIATIVA DEL YASSUNI?

    • Fernando Proanio

      Wasn’t Rafael Correa who affirmed himself that there are no contacted population on the Yasuni ITT, area?

      What happened now, did they all leave because the “world failed us”? or is this regime manipulating the information?

      Finally, don’t fool yourselves, just because someone did not give money for the Yasuni that DOES NOT endorse Correa to decide who can give an opinion.

  2. Luisa Márquez

    Señores con todo respeto, soy ecuatoriana, vivo en Ecuador. Pregunto: 1.- verificaron la fuente antes de publicar esta información??? 2.- con cuanto apoyo Guardian a esta iniciativa de mi país???


    It is a shame that the hatred, the resentment and Alberto Acosta’s personal ambitions lead it to committing mistakes of omission that turn out to be inexcusable in a Country that is growing to step enlarged in all the aspects. Acosta’s memory has suffered some transtornos and already he does not remember his position on the Yasuni ITT in 2007 when in this then if it agreed with the exploitation. His opinions cannot be taken seriously since they come from a heart selfish and full of hatred and from a stomach been grateful by political interests. That punishes that an Ecuadorian thinks of his Leader and of his Country of such a disagreeable way, persons like he must be ignored for means as The Guardian, the same one that should make an investigation in situ and extract his own conclusions.

  4. Paulette Fernandez-Salvador

    Its good to bring all things to light. There’s just so much hypocrisy going around not seems they should probably put there money where there mouth is.

  5. danilo yugsi

    Señores de THE GUARDIAN, por favor entérense bien, acá en Ecuador hay libertad de expresión todo lo que dicen estas personas les informan mal y claro ustedes les creen ..sería bueno que vengan a mi país …los invito vengan. y lo del YASUNI es necesario para el progreso soy una persona de medio situación económica, y estoy agradecido con el Presidente que tenemos porque nos a devuelto el orgullo de ser ecuatorino, por favor señores de THE GUARDÍAN, entérense primero y de ahí publiquen cualquier artículo, no se dejen manipular ustedes también por estos mentirosos,

  6. Fabricio Alexander Brusa

    just search on youtube or even on the official Ecuadorian state to see who was the president always the initiative to propose in front of the ‘UN please do a real job of journalists and well investigated and, especially the Amazonian ask what they think on the exploitation of oil less than 1% of the Yasuni Park.
    then I ask you what your newspaper has contributed to this initiative as I have already asked an Italian newspaper that he used with great superficiality football concepts for this very delicate issue.

  7. Pepe Jaramillo

    Simplemente informarnos bien, es la única manera de dar una opinión con argumentos.. Buen post..

  8. Wilson Jara

    Oigan maestros del “maduraguacates inglés” le pregunto: ¿cuánto aportaron a nuestro emblemático proyecto Yasuní?………nada!!!!! carajos vayanse como para al diablo, hipócritas. Y mas les vale que enmienden públicamente semejante mentira publicada, estoy esperando!

  9. Lorena Loja


  10. Carlos Alfredo Bourne

    De estos mentirosos tenemos muchos, que como no pudieron ROBAR como era costumbre, decidieron irse con el dinero de los nuevos jefes.
    Adelante, Hasta La VICTORIA Siempre compañeros.

  11. Alberto Acosta es un tarado , que
    esta en contra del desarrollo del
    Ecuador . Pero porque quiere la
    torta del Yasuni sólo para el , los
    ladrones de la oligarquía y
    Transnacionales corruptas como
    Chevron .

  12. David Toala Coello

    Ecuador is a free and sovereign homeland now, Our ITT lives and will live forever. your lies and the poverty will die.

  13. Mario Naula

    Alberto Acosta eres un vulgar mentiroso y ambicioso que ahora te has convertido en ecologista por conveniencia política… ten seguro que la justicia tarda pero llega… no eres nadie por eso eres un resentido… en cambio el Presidente Correa estará por siempre en la mente y corazones de los Ecuatorianos que amamos nuestra Patria… no uses auto, ni taxi ni bus, no uses la ropa que usa como materia prima el petroleo, etc, etc… y creeré que eres un ecologista de cuarta… con la pansa bien llena es fácil ser ecologista… apátrida!!!!!!!!!!!!….

  14. guido villavicencio

    si insultar protegido por el escudo del poder y rechazar como no democrático el estar en desacuerdo con el presidente, prefiero cualquier tipo de dictadura

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